Everything you need to know about laser hair removal

You must be one of those people who tried everything to get rid of those annoying hair on your legs. You have spent hours plucking them in your bathroom and you have tried every known razor blade there is. You have also used that awful wax that is such a pain to prepare and apply and an even greater pain to remove. Now there is a quick, painless, easy and permanent solution – laser hair removal. This effective and safe hair removal method will give you long-lasting  results and it will maintain your skin’s silkyness. What exactly is laser hair removal? Laser technology has advanced greatly in the past decade or so and has been very succesfully  introduced to the beauty and healthcare businesses. The main difference between traditional hair removal methods like plucking, shaving or waxing  is  that laser hair removal targets the hair follicles at the root. The laser attacks the source of the hair, beneath the surface of the skin. This effectively means that if you shave or pluck your hair, you will only manage to remove the shafts of the hair,thereby making  future hair growth possible.  Using a laser, however, means that you will target the follicle and deny the possibility of future growth. This method is completely safe to use and can be utilized on most parts of your body, including the face, neck, underarms and arms, legs, chest, back, and of course, the bikini areas. You may choose to treat one or more areas of your body, depending on your liking. Men can use this method with great success and they can also  use it only to thin out a certain area or totally clear it of hair. How does it work? Laser is a focuesed beam of photons, effectively a concetrated ray of light of uniform frequency. It manages to remove the hair from your skin because it is a pulse of energy aimed directly into the follicle of the hair. The follicle absorbs the energy of the laser in form  of heat and the ensuing process destroys the follicle. This prevents any future growth of hair from this spot, this follicle. Due to the anatomy  and the forming process of hair, sometimes multiple sessions will have to be performed to completely clear the area. Advantages of Laser hair removal Several advantages of this method make it the most popular hair removal method. For example, the speed of the method allows you to fit a quick treatment into your schedule  during the course of the day, without interfering with your other daily tasks. The method is also non-ablative, which means that it does not cause damage to the epidermis and it does not lead to any kind of injury. Silky Smooth Beauty feature this treatment. Furthermore, a great majority of customers will immediately return to their job or other activity.  Finally, once you have gone throught the scheduled number of treatments, your skin will feel silky and smooth and you will not have to be concerned about growing a stubble.

Men and Waxing

For a long time, waxing was something reserved only for women, but the times change, and nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear that a man is waxing hair off his body. Of course, waxing is something that is reserved for certain body parts, and not the hair on the head and face, and that is exactly why some people find it weird; they still believe that men should be hairy like back in the days, but those days seem to have passed. So, what is waxing? Well, as most people already know, waxing is a type of hair removal, and it is being done by applying hot wax all over the body part from which the hair needs to be removed. Then, a strip of cloth is being applied to the wax, it gets rubbed in, and then quickly ripped off in one swift move. This removed the hairs, the wax and pretty much everything that was located under that piece of cloth. Do men do it? Now, because of the fact that there are some men that still find this to be a bit embarrassing and for such a reason refuse to do it at a salon, there are various barber shops nowadays, like Drakes of London, that allow them to feel as if they’re going to their favourite barber while having their body hair removed. Keep in mind that it is always better to leave this to the professionals (like the people of these modern barber shops, for example), because doing it all by yourself could be really painful, and also really messy. Some old school men believe that this leads to the feminization of men, and for that reason refuse to do it. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, men don’t have to get every single part of their body waxed, but they could at least use this method to remove the excess hair that they themselves believe makes them look not nice. Most men use waxing to red rid of the hair on their backs and shoulders. These are relatively large areas, and the waxing gets done rather quickly. Also, many men use waxing to fix their eyebrows. Women don’t like unibrows, and waxing is something that could help you a lot with that problem. Basically, you don’t have to have the perfectly arched eyebrows like the actresses, singers or models have, just get your eyebrows under control. The bottom line The most ideal male body parts to wax include the knuckles, chest, back of the neck, shoulders, back, and the back of the neck. However, it should be mentioned that this is a process that is considered to be rather painful, with some people saying that the pain they felt during waxing was an 8/10. This makes it really painful, but there is an upside to it: with repeated waxing, the hair on that body part gets thinner and thinner, due to the fact that the roots of the hair get weakened with every wax. This means that the hair does grow back, but it takes some time for it to grow.

Rosacea Treatment Infographic

Below is and infographic by Cedars Dermatology who specialise in rosacea treatments in London. Rosacea is usually a rash that sprouts up on an individuals face. Usually, fair skinned middle aged people are affected by it. It shows up as a dilated blood vessels that are red in colour and usually contain pus-filled spots.

2016’s Makeup Trends so far!

Take a look at this infographic for the best Makeup tips and trends of 2016! Supplied by Jess Robin, Makeup Artist Essex, a specialist in Bridal Makeup, Special Effects and Theatrical Makeup. If you love to wear bold makeup and perform, you should go to West End Stage where you can express yourself through the arts.

When to See Chiropodists About Cracked Heels

Everyone wants to have nice healthy heels that make you feel good and look good as well. And having dry cracked skin on your heels is extremely unattractive, but even worse is the fact that it can cause great pain, itchiness and uncomfortable feeling. Even though this is something that can be treated by the person themselves, sometimes the conditions becomes so severe, that a visit to a professional is the only thing that can save your feet, and City Chiropody is the professional you want. The heels and the edges of the toes are the most frequent places where the skin cracks could form on our feet. These cracks can be small, but extremely painful, to the extant that they make walking almost impossible. Most of these cracks develop due to the dry skin, or on the place of various calluses that tend to form a hard crust. Sometimes, these splits can be caused by the simplest of moves, and especially in the type of skin mentioned here. Most of us have at least one pair of shoes that look nice, but irritate our feet terribly. And this is bad, because this could lead to calluses, and as we have seen, the calluses are a great invitation for the cracks. However, the cracks don’t necessarily have to happen only on calluses; they can be caused by wearing open shoes, long periods spent standing, or being overweight. Also, there are some medical conditions that cause the cracks on our heels, such as the thyroid problems, diabetes, eczema or psoriasis, and the cracks caused by these conditions can be extremely painful. That is why it is extremely important to contact your doctor or a chiropodist the very second you notice that a medical condition has affected your feet. Of course, you can treat the condition on your own, and there are some home treatments that offer great results. You can start using a foot cream every night before you go to bed; of course, this isn’t a treatment, this is a means of prevention, which is even more important. Pay special attention to your heels while you’re applying the cream, and in order not to ruin your bedsheets, wear a pair of cotton socks. Also, you can use a pumice stone to remove any dead skin from your heels while you’re under the shower. This prevention will do wonders to your feet, and especially your heels. However, if you’ve already started to display signs of cracked heels, you ought to contact your chiropodist. As we have already said, you need to take good care of your feet and heels, but some conditions just can’t be treated by yourself, and you need to contact a professional. This is especially the case for all the elderly folks that have started to develop serious cracks, because that could lead to bedsores or ulcers. Also, if the medical condition has started to show itself in the form of cracks in your heels, contact a chiropodist immediately.

Waxing for Men: What Do I have to know about Waxing?

Is it okay to have a wax treatment for men? Well, the answer is yes. Body waxing is not just limited for women but the fact is also undeniable that waxing for men is not very common but it is becoming more and more popular not just in the country but in a number of places across the globe. Sometimes, men need hair removal treatments because of the excessive hairs growing in some body parts like chest and the back. Now, to give you further ideas and interesting facts about waxing for men, then you have to read on.. Is there a DIY back waxing procedure? There are so many salons and spas around that offer waxing services for men. Of course, because of their expertise, they are able to give the best results for the waxing. However, if you are a man and you are interested in getting one but do not have the courage to ask someone to do it for you, well, you can now try waxing at home. The overall process will take only 20 minutes so you can try it. Here are the procedure on how to wax back hair at home: Wash your back and dry it to make sure that there are no oils present in the body part. To the much easier and less painful procedure, it is recommended to use warm water to make pulling out hair. Apply the paper strip or the molten wax in the direction of the hair growth. Be sure to apply a barrier in order to prevent the wax from sticking on to your skin. After several minutes, when the wax has already bound well with your hair, you need to quickly pull off the strip to the opposite direction. Do not pull it slowly or else it would be very painful for you. Soothe your skin for a while so that your nerves can calm for a few more seconds. Clean your back to get rid with the wax traces, cleanse it and apply a soothing lotion to ease the pain. 2 Popular Types of waxing Kit for men There are basically two kinds of these waxing kits made available in the market. Check them out and remember which suits you best when you try it another time. Listed below are the common types: Hair Removal Waxing Kit Men + Women, All Natural Brazilian Back Do It Yourself back hair remover for men How much is the back waxing cost? This is one of the basic questions consumers ask out of interest. Well, waxing for men is not that expensive but the price vary from what kind of service you need whether it is a back wax, chest wax, bikini wax etc. Again as it is mentioned, there are many spa who offer different packages for full body waxing and the price vary very well. Are there waxing aftercare tips to observe? If there is a so-called pre waxing, there is also post-back waxing tips and after care tips so that the in-grown hair will not immediately show up and to avoid skin rashes after the procedure.

Top 5 Factors Affecting Teeth Discoloration

Our smile is one of the great things we can offer to people every day and it is the one of the initial things that can be noticed about you which is why it is very essential to keep our teeth bright and white. However, the common problem of all is how to avoid this teeth discoloration over time. This article will bring to you top causes of this discoloration: Unhealthy Oral Hygiene You need to maintain healthy oral habits failing to do this means plaque buildup that can cause severe damage to your teeth and lose of luster of your teeth. It is best to brush your teeth at least 2-3 times a day to prevent plaque. In addition to this, you need supplementary oral care like mouthwash and dental floss to keep the protection to the optimum level. Certain foods Although you have good oral habits, what you eat is a strong factor that affects the color of your teeth. There is quite a number of food that can cause yellowing of teeth such as sweets (candies and popsicles), pasta sauce which has bright red hue that easily clings to the teeth, curry that has high staining factor due to its powder, balsamic vinegar in salads that can stick to your teeth making it dark and many more. We recommend swapping out your typical Tea & Coffee for something like Matcha green tea, it’s healthier and won’t stain your teeth like a typical tea. Take note, if you eat something that can cause staining like the above-mentioned foods, then you need to eat fresh fruits or dark vegetables beforehand to create a protective film over the teeth which can at least help prevent stains such as apples, carrots, strawberries, cauliflower or celery. Drinks and beverages Acidic drinks and beverages can make the teeth enamel softer and rougher, thus, it is very easy for the stains to cling to the surface of the teeth. Some other beverages contain chromogens, a compound with strong pigments that stain the teeth and tannins, a plant-based compound that makes it easier for the stains to stay into the surface of the teeth. Knowing this, we must start becoming conscious about what you drink to avoid further teeth discoloration. Several drinks in the watch list include soda, sport drinks, wine, beer, coffee and tea. Tea is the number one cause the teeth yellowing regardless of its color and flavor. In fact, studies show that tea causes teeth to stain much worse than coffee. Also, white wine is acidic than the red ones which causes more damage and teeth discoloration when taken in excessive amounts. So what should you do to avoid this? Well, it is advised to limit the intake of this beverages to keep a healthy, white teeth. Also, after you have consumed food and drinks that has staining factors, you need to drink water as an immediate help in clearing away acids and stains. This methods are free and easy to do. Natural aging It is the nature of everything that aging can cause discoloration same goes with the teeth, it becomes yellow over time. Our teeth has protective white coatings that sheds off over a certain period of time. Thus, the older the teeth, the more it becomes discolored. One popular treatment to stop this is teeth whitening procedures, many dentists including The Wellington Clinic, its always recommended to consult your dentist before having such treatment carried out. Smoking Tobacco has substances that can be a cause of a discolored teeth. Even if you brush after smoking, the darkening and yellowing of the teeth caused by smoking is so strong that only eliminating and reducing smoking is the only best solution to solve this problem.  

The Advantages of the Prescription Sunglasses

The Advantages of the Prescription Sunglasses Sunglasses can prevent sun damage to your eyes, improve your vision and make a unique fashion statement. At this present day and age, more and more men and women are using prescription sunglasses to make themselves more comfortable and fashionable outdoors. In fact, even the contact lens wearers find it very practical to use the. If you are interested in getting one, then choose the right one for you. This could be a good investment and a tool for looking fab and feel convenient. In this article, you will discover more of the advantages of prescription glasses and where to get the right choices. What are the benefits of prescription glasses? The regular eyeglasses and the contact lens can be helpful but they do not provide 100% protection from the potential dust, microorganisms and sun rays in your eyes. So, if you find yourself driving down the road or strolling with the sun shining in your eyes, you can be sure that this prescription sunglasses are much more convenient. With these prescription sunglasses, you have the option of wearing them anytime outdoors without the need to search for clip-on sunglasses or deal with contact lenses. The prescription sunglasses can help you if you need reading glasses or if you wear contact lenses to correct only your distance vision and still need that additional boost for reading. These glasses still serves its function without sacrificing the taste of elegance and sophistication. The types of lenses used in the prescription glasses has the ability to reflect the light when it hits the surface. There are also polarized sunglasses to choose from. However, when you head to the beach, you might also consider prescription swimming goggles when it comes time to take a dip to protect your eyes fully. Another purpose of buying the prescription glasses is to protect your eyes from glare. In addition to this, the lenses block 100 percent of the sun’s UV rays. Also, when you purchase one, remember that the color and tint of the lenses does not affect the UV protection. Hence, you can choose your preferred color and darkness. If you are someone who have problems with your vision, you definitely have a huge spectrum of options when it comes to prescription sunglasses. However, today, there are so many companies who offer and claim to have the best eyewear for you so to address this solution, you need to check out at The Optic Shop for they offer a wide choice of online frames for men and women ranging from great value prescription glasses. Their qualified opticians offer quality services for over their 25 years of experience, they sell only the most trusted brands including Persol, Dior and Tom Ford. Moreover, their latest styles include the ever popular Ray-Ban and Oakley collections. On the final note, always remember that the price of these sunglasses differ from brand to brand, its features, type of frame and lens and the optician fee. To help you assess the overall cost, you can list your preferred features and look for a bargain online. Furthermore, there are many optical shops who offer special discounts on prescription sunglasses if you purchase them at the same time you buy your regular eyeglasses. Ask your optician for details.  

Best Nose Hair Trimmers on the Market

Having that uncomfortable feeling about your nose hair, lately? Men especially experience this feeling more than a few times. The nose hair is useful for keeping dirt out of your system true but when they grow too much, they can be unsightly. For men, when your nose hair grows too much it can effectively work down their confidence. If you want to keep looking good and confident, getting your nose hair trimmed is what you need. There are ways for you to remove your nasal hair. Simple hair trimming using noise trimmers is the best and most effective way to trim your nose hair. On that note, here are some of the best noise hair trimmers on the market for you to choose from. Panasonic ER430K The Panasonic ER430K is not only a nose trimmer but is ideal for removing ear and unwanted facial hair as well. It is ideal for men’s use either wet or dry. It features vacuum cleaning system, battery operated, hypoallergenic and cuts away hair safely without irritating your skin. Water Resistant Steel Nose Trimmer by ToiletTree Products This is a professional water resistant nose trimmer made from heavy duty steel and with LED light. Since the nose trimmer is water resistant, you can use it under the shower so rinsing off is easy. It’s not cheap plastic but high quality steel, plus the LED light helps you reach the hard-to-reach hairs. Panasonic ER-GN30-K The Panasonic ER-GN30-K is a nose and ear hair trimmer ideal for men allowing them to comfortably trim their unwanted facial and nasal hair. This nose trimmer comes double-edged and is hypoallergenic. It is also compact and lightweight making it very convenient either for wet or dry use. Remington NE3250 The Remington NE3250 nose, brow and ear trimmer is also one of the best nose hair trimmers on the market. It features comfort-trim technology and a functionality that allows for it to be comfortably used either wet or dry. This nose trimmer also comes with eyebrow comb for ensuring your eyebrow looks good, a hang loop and a rotary head attachment to give you the perfect cut. Wahl Ear Nose and Brow Trimmer #5546-200 The Wahl Ear nose trimmer is yet one of the best trimmers for nose hair that’s integrated with mini-spotlight. This way, you will never miss a hair when trimming. Additionally, it comes with a trimmer solely for nose hair with the other one is for facial hairs. It can be used either wet or dry with the cutting heads removable for easy cleaning. Choosing the right nose hair trimmer is important so that you can effectively trim your nose hair when it gets unsightly. Mentioned above are some of the best but with so many in the market for you to choose from, it’s better to research more about them. While they are called nose trimmers, these tools can also be used for finishing haircuts. On that note, it’s best to choose one that can be used functionally for a lot of things so your money is worth the buy.

What You Need to Know About Waist Trainers: The Good and The Bad

People around the world are making ways to stay fit and achieve the body that they want. Even moms, after they gave birth to their baby, they are exercising to bring back their shape. Women all over the world want to achieve the body that they want. There are several ways to stay fit and achieve the body that is necessary for you, one of the ways is that wearing waist trainers. Waist trainers are one of the most common used for reducing the waistline and maintaining ideal body shape. It is used by many celebrities to stay sexy and fit. It is wear by many as undergarments to achieve a slim body and a figure that is smooth. Waist trainers, on the other hand, there are some risks that may encounter in using waist trainers. The Good and Bad Side of Waist Trainers People say that there are so many good benefits that can be provided by waist trainers. Although it has so many good benefits, there are some people that are saying that there are also bad benefits that can be acquired in using waist trainers. Here are some of the good and bad of waist trainers: Wearing waist trainers may provide an individual with physical benefits, health benefits, including smaller waist and a perfect body shape. Wearing such trainers as undergarments for a long period of time may help an individual in terms of posture control and even back support. Waist trainers also can help and add support to the abdomen, making an individual to sit up straight. It can boost the thermal activity and have an increase in an individual’s perspiration. The waist trainers can give you temporary physical benefits. It is not substitute for an individual’s consistent exercise and healthy diet so it is important to add and mix the three (waist trainers, consistent exercise and healthy diet). Waist trainers can decrease the muscle tone of an abdominal, even the intuitive atrophy and dislocation of the walls of the abdominal. It can cause the deformation of the stomach, even the lungs and the liver and decrease the capacity of individual’s breathing. If waist trainers are not done properly, it can make an individual’s organs compress, and it could be more dangerous to an individual if this happens. Because of the risk that has been proven by some of the doctors, waist trainers are not recommended by them. But on the other hand, it undeniably provides amazing health benefits. Waist trainers should not be worn by an individual too tightly for too long, or should not wear for too long for faster results. It is important to stay in shape and have a healthy body and health. Wearing waist trainers the right way, can help you achieve the ideal shape of body that you want and have a healthy health. The best waist trainer for gym are worth wearing for when it comes to slimming down the body and achieving the smaller waist.