When to See Chiropodists About Cracked Heels

Everyone wants to have nice healthy heels that make you feel good and look good as well. And having dry cracked skin on your heels is extremely unattractive, but even worse is the fact that it can cause great pain, itchiness and uncomfortable feeling. Even though this is something that can be treated by the person themselves, sometimes the conditions becomes so severe, that a visit to a professional is the only thing that can save your feet, and City Chiropody is the professional you want.

The heels and the edges of the toes are the most frequent places where the skin cracks could form on our feet. These cracks can be small, but extremely painful, to the extant that they make walking almost impossible. Most of these cracks develop due to the dry skin, or on the place of various calluses that tend to form a hard crust. Sometimes, these splits can be caused by the simplest of moves, and especially in the type of skin mentioned here.

Most of us have at least one pair of shoes that look nice, but irritate our feet terribly. And this is bad, because this could lead to calluses, and as we have seen, the calluses are a great invitation for the cracks. However, the cracks don’t necessarily have to happen only on calluses; they can be caused by wearing open shoes, long periods spent standing, or being overweight. Also, there are some medical conditions that cause the cracks on our heels, such as the thyroid problems, diabetes, eczema or psoriasis, and the cracks caused by these conditions can be extremely painful. That is why it is extremely important to contact your doctor or a chiropodist the very second you notice that a medical condition has affected your feet.

Of course, you can treat the condition on your own, and there are some home treatments that offer great results. You can start using a foot cream every night before you go to bed; of course, this isn’t a treatment, this is a means of prevention, which is even more important. Pay special attention to your heels while you’re applying the cream, and in order not to ruin your bedsheets, wear a pair of cotton socks. Also, you can use a pumice stone to remove any dead skin from your heels while you’re under the shower. This prevention will do wonders to your feet, and especially your heels. However, if you’ve already started to display signs of cracked heels, you ought to contact your chiropodist.

As we have already said, you need to take good care of your feet and heels, but some conditions just can’t be treated by yourself, and you need to contact a professional. This is especially the case for all the elderly folks that have started to develop serious cracks, because that could lead to bedsores or ulcers. Also, if the medical condition has started to show itself in the form of cracks in your heels, contact a chiropodist immediately.