Men and Waxing

For a long time, waxing was something reserved only for women, but the times change, and nowadays, it is not uncommon to hear that a man is waxing hair off his body. Of course, waxing is something that is reserved for certain body parts, and not the hair on the head and face, and that is exactly why some people find it weird; they still believe that men should be hairy like back in the days, but those days seem to have passed.

waxing by us

So, what is waxing?

Well, as most people already know, waxing is a type of hair removal, and it is being done by applying hot wax all over the body part from which the hair needs to be removed. Then, a strip of cloth is being applied to the wax, it gets rubbed in, and then quickly ripped off in one swift move. This removed the hairs, the wax and pretty much everything that was located under that piece of cloth.

Do men do it?

Now, because of the fact that there are some men that still find this to be a bit embarrassing and for such a reason refuse to do it at a salon, there are various barber shops nowadays, like Drakes of London, that allow them to feel as if they’re going to their favourite barber while having their body hair removed. Keep in mind that it is always better to leave this to the professionals (like the people of these modern barber shops, for example), because doing it all by yourself could be really painful, and also really messy.

Some old school men believe that this leads to the feminization of men, and for that reason refuse to do it. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course, men don’t have to get every single part of their body waxed, but they could at least use this method to remove the excess hair that they themselves believe makes them look not nice.

Most men use waxing to red rid of the hair on their backs and shoulders. These are relatively large areas, and the waxing gets done rather quickly. Also, many men use waxing to fix their eyebrows. Women don’t like unibrows, and waxing is something that could help you a lot with that problem. Basically, you don’t have to have the perfectly arched eyebrows like the actresses, singers or models have, just get your eyebrows under control.

The bottom line

The most ideal male body parts to wax include the knuckles, chest, back of the neck, shoulders, back, and the back of the neck. However, it should be mentioned that this is a process that is considered to be rather painful, with some people saying that the pain they felt during waxing was an 8/10. This makes it really painful, but there is an upside to it: with repeated waxing, the hair on that body part gets thinner and thinner, due to the fact that the roots of the hair get weakened with every wax. This means that the hair does grow back, but it takes some time for it to grow.